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Source: TravelNet
Dated: January 1, 2004

TravelNet Solutions Launches revolutionary and innovative new business model for it’s full service travel website

Although the Internet is still in its infancy it has evolved into a vibrant global marketplace and nobody debates it is the future of business.  Just as we had during the agricultural revolution of the 1800’s and the industrial revolution of the early 1900’s a select group of companies will come together and try to dominate the marketplace.  The travel industry is no different.  Travel has grown to be one of the largest and fastest growing sectors on the Internet.  Industry annalists and any CEO of any major Hotel, Airline, or Car Rental company will tell you in only a few years the Internet accounts for over 50% of their sales.  Imagine where we will be just 5 or 10 years from now.  The travel industry as we know it today will be non-existent.

There will be little or no human contact and no reason to even pick up a telephone.  The recent acquisitions and mergers of online Travel sites have left the Travel industry with no choice but to look for alternative less costly online marketing vehicles to distribute their product.  Companies like Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, and many other leaders in the industry have come together in an unprecedented unified stance to say they have had enough.  They have formed an unusual alliance and created their own travel sites to avoid giving up a large percentage of their profits to these new conglomerates that have come to dominate the online travel industry.

TravelNet Solutions with it’s new and improved full service travel site has come out with a business plan that is the travel industries newest line of defense against these huge conglomerates like USA interactive or Travelocity.

TravelNet Solutions a debt free privately held internet technology and marketing company with it’s website provides an easy to use travel site that serves as a total solution for consumers but does not gauge it’s suppliers. TravelNet Solutions and RAL ( is a debt free company and not venture capital driven, therefore we are able to offer the travel Industry an alternative solution with comparable results and larger ROI’s.  In order to be competitive and offer consumers a choice RAL does participate in the GDS with it’s own private label real-time booking engine.  At the same time RAL offers its clients a choice.  For small insignificant flat fees the Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental companies and other travel service providers can choose from several different products or packages and take unlimited bookings or reservations and keep 100% of the sale.  RAL is not looking for commissions from it’s flat fee clients and at the same time takes a good portion of the revenue from these clients and puts it back into marketing for the clients and into branding as a household name. TravelNet Solutions have taken the greed and corporate bureaucracy out of doing business.  TravelNet Solutions founders remember what it was like to do business on a handshake and a person’s word alone!

TravelNet Solutions and RAL believe by making less profits, allowing our clients to keep 100% of the sale, and giving consumers what they want a simple easy to use full service travel website; We will pick up market share and become a leader in the online travel industry.   Companies and people with vision are the one’s that shape the future of business. TravelNet Solutions and not only have that vision, but we are aggressively working to ensure the successful future of the travel industry and online market place.

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