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Web positioning is based on techniques aimed a website appear in the top positions of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others. The positioning is done directly on a series of words or phrases which are known as keywords.

There are two types of results when you search, the first type are paid results is known as advertising and the second type they are organic or natural.

web positioning

Global Media specializes in organic or natural Web positioning.

Note that this is a job that can last from 5-8 months depending on the competition (Linked to the keywords), but once the goal achieved, positioning will last a long time if good practices for search engines are followed, also to continue with some marketing work.

Organic web positioning focuses on content and links. First, the content is of great importance to be unique, there is no point on copying content from other websites; and SEO should not only be limited to the content itself, it should take into account other factors such as titles, HTML tags, keywords, etc.

Second, are the links, mainly directed to the web; in this case it becomes important who points us. The greater the authority and relevance of sites that point to ours, the greater the relevance of each bond and therefore more weight when the web positioning.
The search for external links is the main cause of penalty from the search engines, when these are not natural.

It is worth noting again that the web positioning is a constant work. Searchers weighted have a website up to date, so it is important to at least update the information every week; and you can create a blog post that allows you to publish more often.