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The positioning job never ends and so that’s why the SEO Maintenance is required. Surely many people think they just have to define keywords and optimize the website, but this is very far from reality. Here we specify some tasks that must be constant.

  1. – Contents. Constantly creating content is something that gives relevance to your website, always remember that content must be unique and of quality.
  2. – Links. They should get quality links from sites with a similar theme to your website. It is important to ensure high relevance and authority of the site that points us.
  3. – Competition. Maintenance vital part of SEO. To redesign SEO strategies is important to know what is the evolution of our competitors and what actions are performed.
  4. – Trends. The search trends tend to change over time, so it is necessary to update the relevance given to the Keywords.
seo maintenance

 Social Networks in SEO maintenance

Today social networks move the world, just realize that over 85% of Internet users use Facebook and Youtube, in lower percentages google + and twitter. It is thanks to these high percentages that social networks have become a very important aspect when it comes to SEO. The Maintenance SEO should focus on improving the impact on social networks, getting followers, mentions, comments, video views, etc.


A determining factor in SEO Maintenance is traffic, you need to identify what the sources are for defining whether this is desired or not, and based on this correct whatever is neccesary. Define how much traffic due to SEO is obtained as the product set of social networking traffic will allow action to be taken regarding these tools.