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In the SEO Custom Reports is required to further analyze the organic traffic as well as external factors that are important to know the status of a web page.

When we talk about SEO reports we refer to a complete analysis of a website, for it takes time and specialized personnel as it includes internal and external aspects of the same site. The Custom Report is aimed to establish the weaknesses of a website that interfere with their positioning.

seo custom reports

Within the SEO Custom Report factors we verifiy factors such as the correct selection of keywords which is one of the most important in positioning variables as it is through these that we make our website relevant to search engines. Another important factor is the content that passes through the correct selection of a title, wording that allows the reader to clearly understand the concept you want transmitted, external links, optimized images, among others.

While there are many applications that can generate reports, generally these are analytical type with suggestions for improving SEO. This type of reporting is important in order to know how is your website and what changes might improve the results of positioning, this does not mean that when making the changes proposed will ensure a good position of the website.

Seo Custom Reports

In Global Media you can find SEO Custom Reports of progress, as a first step that will allow you to detect whether the actions taken to improve the position being effective or not; determining whether the keywords are suitable, analyzing traffic and making comparisons with other competitors; at this point it is important to define that beyond what has the competence to establish the most important thing is to know what others are doing.