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Organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows your website to be positioned on the first pages of search engines with one or more keywords. This is achieved through different techniques to put on point all the factors of which depends the relevance of your website.

SEO is achieved by improving the content, code improvements, accessibility and others. This is called On-Page SEO optimization. Similarly natural links are sought which can increase the visibility of the website, i.e. getting redirected from other pages to yours. This is known as Off-Page SEO.

Organic SEO

It is important to clarify that Organic SEO is a constant work whose results are usually long term, which is usually not enough time to do it in a week or a month. And here it is worth noting that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo constantly update search algorithms. This means that what today has a high relevance and ensures good positioning, can change tomorrow.

 Factors that interfere with organic SEO

1. Scripts. Google does not understand the scripts so everything inside them will be omitted.
2. Pictures. Search engines do not read images. A page full of images contributes nothing to Organic SEO.
3. Links. They are important not excessively.

Organic SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

In their eagerness to get results quickly many people make the mistake of using technique known as black hat SEO, which is nothing more than techniques that search engines penalize. These actions harm the reputation of the website and achieve the opposite of the objective. One of the worse practices is buying backlinks, copy content from other sites and forum’s SPAM.

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