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A Content Curator is responsible for caring for the quality of publications on a website and in turn seek to share relevant content, keeping in mind that it is useless to copy content. It should be given an added value that makes it unique.

The continuous development of new technologies have opened up space for new professionals that supply the requirements of users and companies. Then appear as Community Managers specialists, SEO, digital editors, web and graphic designers, among many other specialists who offer solutions to business needs. Perhaps one of the specialties that few know is the content curator, but gradually gained momentum because the content is one of the main factors of relevance in SEO and Content Curator then becomes a necessity and a very smart investment.

content curator

A Content Curator must recognize the most relevant information for a publication. When content that is not your own, is important to create it so carefully to avoid falling into plagiarism or duplicate content as they are penalized by the search engines used.

As previously mentioned, the content you want to share must be added value, producing own content to complement and give value.

There are many tools to support the work of a content curator, but this work does not mean that anyone can do it, because at the end is the CURATOR who decides what is placed or removed. Moreover, the contents must be performed with good practice so that all parties are in advantage.

Content Curator Profile

  1. You must write very well, it should be clear, concise, caring grammar and spelling.
  2. It is very important that you have experience in SEO
  3. You must know the sector companies, if not contextualized.
  4. Juggler with words to make use of the keyword in your content.