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The logo design is very important because through it the company obtains identity. Remember that many potential customers will create a concept of their company as they receive the logo, so it is important to distinguish. Mark the difference and preferably big impact on people.
The business owner is a determining factor in the design of the logo. Communication and understanding between designer and business owner should be total, mainly in order to convey the right message through the logo.

logo design

 Definine the company to logo design

Getting users to correctly perceive their company through the logo depends largely on which things the designer will be transmited through the correct concepts. Then ask yourself this:

  1. What is the nature of your company?
  2. What are your qualities?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. What sets you apart from the competition?

You could say that work is a success when your customers can immediately recognize the company and define the character of the company. Fulfilling these goals it can be established that the design of the logo does the job.

Mistakes designing a logo

  1. Copy logos well-known brands. Your logo should be unique and original.
  2. Excess of colors and elements. Visual chaos and confusion are generated when many elements or colors used in the logo.
  3. Using templates. In order to achieve results in a short time, some designers turn to a template, which leads to a not unique Logo.
  4. Colors to cause effects. The colors are very important but even more important is the design concept.
  5. Personal Touch. The logo design should not only focus on features that please you. The main focus should always be the characteristics of the company and impacting users.
  6. Images in a single resolution. This leads to conflicts when trying to resize the image to fit as needed.