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Corporate Design allows companies to show themselves in a uniform and neat style. Among the elements that are part is the logo, stationery, business cards, among others. It is very important that the corporate design convey the message you want.

corporate design

Some of the most important criteria that must comply with the Corporate Design are:

  1. Value of attention
  2. Autonomy
  3. Recognition
  4. Aesthetics

It is important to have business objectives to identify a company. It should be clear where the company wants to go and focus efforts in the same direction.In order to generate recognition by the customer, to identify your company anywhere is necessary for people to build relationships and this is achieved through colors and lines that are used, the design should not resemble that of your competitors under any circumstances, preferably caring colors, shapes and textures. These are factors that must be careful when you work in the Corporate Design.

Visual indentity manual for corporate design.

It is a document in which the personality of a company concentrates. Here are established the rules of use of the trade mark, allowing differentiated from others. The basic structure is:

  1. Content. It should be clear.
  2. Using the document. It sets the importance of the knowledge of it.
  3. Names. Defines forms of doing it.
  4. Description of the mark. Defines the structure of each component that composes.
  5. Glossary

In conclusion it serves as a guide to be sure that the way in which the mark is used is correct.Corporate Design generally defines the visual aspects of the identity of a company. Defined through the history of the company and corporate culture. All this information is documented in a corporate manual.