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The collateral material is no more than a set of tools to promote your company. In a world where there is ad clutter and images, is important that the marketing materials are well designed and distributed to draw attention and convey a message correctly.

Like everything related to graphic design, the collateral material should have a clear and well-designed idea. As we talk about tools, it should be clear that diversity of elements used to advertise our services or products. that’s why we have to use creativity to generate different designs keeping the same style to not communicate the wrong message. Perhaps the latter is the hardest thing to achieve in the collateral materials since we must achieve a balance between different designs without a message transmitted in disorder.

Collateral material within the letterheads, business cards, brochures, catalogs, brochures, magazines, presentation folders and flyers, press kits, newsletters, press kits, bookmarks, etc. are included.

collateral material

 Elements to be considered for collateral material.

1. Always create a material that is visually appealing so that catches your eye. In order for a user to read, it must first be attracted by the design, otherwise it can be considered a failure.2. design format collateral source material should be considered: size, color, graphic images, all this should help emphasize the message to be conveyed.3. The most important thing in the collateral material is the message conveyed is of. It is necessary to be clear about what you want to convey to customers.

 Wondering what material is when collateral?

1. It is easy to read?

2. It is clear and simple?

3. The text is clear and respects the grammar?

4. A call to action is made?