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Due to the constan evolution of the market and trends that are generated it is important to do a brand evaluation in order to not be left behind and give advantage to competitors. It is necessary to resort to creativity and innovation to make changes that allow your company to remain relevant to consumers which evolve in their way of perceiving products.

Brand Evaluation for your brand.

  1. Logo. The logo should reflect the brand it represents.
  2. Experience. Customers consume different products every day and many of them have no relevance, only those that generate a different experience are those who remain in the memory of the consumer.
  3. Relations. Rather than focusing on selling a service or product it is important to build relationships, which allows customer loyalty.
brand evaliation

The marketing strategy is only successful when executed properly, in many cases differs from the proposal made, which may affect actual performance against expectations. All this must be controlled through BRAND EVALUATION.

Commonly Mistakes  Found in Brand Evaluation

1. marketing strategy is unrealistic or inappropriate.
2. Implementation or process are not adequate.
3. The internal and external environment and / or change between planning and execution.

 Marketing Re-ingeneering

To analyze and modify work processes in your company. The main objective is to increase the ability to compete in the marketplace by reducing costs. This is a job that requires experts in marketing, economics and technology.

It can be concluded that the BRAND EVALUATION allows to verify and update marketing processes in order to remain relevant to customers.