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At Global Media Business Group you may find everything you need from advertising kits to plan and execute your media campaign. We provide you with advertising specs for ALL your organization needs. Every kit is tailored to fulfill your Business Requirements.

Our work includes designing the logo, marketing materials, posters, banners, advertising kits, and corresponding materials. We make sure to comply with every one of your requirements.


Our digital media advertising kits guarantees you reach anybody, anywhere on any platform or device.

We provide advice and service across all platforms of the company including but not limited to media sales, design, digital development, branding and publishing.

Our main goal is to deliver the proper message to customers and also to prospective customers. Our main purpose with advertising is:

  • we will convince clients that your company’s services or products are the best of the best
  • we will enhance the image of your company
  • we will point out/create a need for products or services
  • we will demonstrate new features or uses for established products or services
  • we will shout-out your new products and programs
  • we will reinforce the salespeople’s individual messages
  • we will draw customers to the business
  • and we will hold to existing customers