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Branding makes a difference in the intangible: value, credibility and uniqueness. Its main objective is to distinguish or differentiate our company from others through different attributes, this is what is known as corporate image.

The corporate image is the presentation letter of your company to the public and is based on perception. It aims to identify and differentiate your company from others. It is a very important factor, because through this image, it attracts customers and recognition. This is a factor that allows you to excel over the competitors.

Graphic Design

Branding – Creating a brand

The visuals elements allow you to focus to the public by means of a symbol or typographic design. Every brand should have a symbol, logo, name, typography and corporate colors. Every brand should have the following characteristics:

1. Simplicity. The name must be one or two words maximum.
2. Easy reading.
3. Euphony. The name must be pleasing to the ear.
4. Association. Relation to the product or service.

Steps to Successful Branding:

1. Purpose of the brand

Should be made clear what it is to be achieved and where it goes. What is the target costumerc they will offer our products and services.

2. Differentiation

Today competition in products and services is very high, which is important to define what you have to offer which is different from others. Why should customers choose your company? and this is where the intangible qualities mark the difference.

3. Turn words into action

The words must be reflected in action. The differentiating factors must run day after day and not just be on paper. It should be assessed to customers and fulfill what is promised. Obtain trust from customers should be the priority and this is achieved through transparency.

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