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We offer Bilingual Services: Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting Translation

Our department of bilingual services are based on this tasks: text editing, proofreading, creative writing, if you have questions about our translation services contact us.

Mainly we offer three types of translations:

  1. High-quality translation
  2. Professional translation
  3. Basic translation
bilingual Service

Our simultaneous interpretation is made by our team of interpreters working approximately 20 one-minute segments. We have more than 8 languages in different countries of Latin America, we can also provide you with interpretation booths and audio equipment to support meetings for up to 2,000 guests.

Our team of consecutive interpreters are willing to accompany you anywhere possible, either an oil station in the Pacific or negotiation at a round table, we support more than 10 languages and dialects in all Latin American countries. We also provide telephone interpreting video  interpretations.

Event & Meetings

Looking to plan your meeting or event in latin America, we have a team of event coordinators ready to assist you in every stage of your event.

We believe that good communication is important to what you want to convey to your clients do not miss or misunderstand. This way we keep high standards of quality to ensure you and your customers excellent communication.