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Business Process  Outsourcing as an opportunity for effective development

We’ll take care of specific areas of your Business Process Outsourcing as bilingual services, customer service, information technology (IT) and financial services.We know that special care of these areas depends mostly continuity and prosperity of your business. This is why we have the best quality standards to assure you efficiency, longevity and a better position against your competition.



Another important aspect is the personalization of the services we offer, in this way your customers feel that they are talking directly to your business, allowing greater closeness between you and your valued customers, increasing reliability and therefore loyalty.The correct interaction between all these services is key to the success of your business processes.

We offer our services together, to understand and optimize each of your business processes, guaranteeing you and your customers an excellent service.

By allowing us to provide these services for your business processes will help you have greater flexibility and focus on what you really needs.One of our services come from Colombia,  one of the best emerging region of the tier 1 for the installation of offshore operation.

Colombia has improved in important variables such as  human talent, support from their government,  an excellent human talent, costs, economic environment, cultural compatibility.  This shows foreign investors opportunities in Colombia to develop investment projects in the BPO sector, offshore, nearshore, KPO and shared services that are looking for a local market growth, availability of a competitive workforce and strategically positioned to provide services to the region and the world.

According to official figures from the Ministry of Education, in the last 13 years in Colombia over 2.6 million professionals were formed at the University. 56.3% have undergraduate training, 21.9% are technologists and technicians and 21.8% had posgradual training.