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“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Our focus on public relations are based on the correct disclosure between your business and your customers, with our excellent qualified staff and analysis strategies have you to communicate in the best way possible, important information of interest to your audience.

public relations

We are experienced in press creations and distributions, custom public relations and campaigns and strategic planning.

It is important for us and for you  anticipate potential public relations problems to have proper damage control, anticipate and analyze public opinion so as to activities that may be harmful or benefical for your business or organization.

Our staff of  professional communicators and a support team of strategists and analysts can offer to you a local view with a global perspective and maintain a wide network of personal contacts, including editors and journalists of both national and international media.

Practice areas and specialties include telecommunications, energy, finance, technology, food and beverage, banking, healthcare, entertainment, travel and leisure, investor relations, fashion and beauty, consumer product marketing, and sports.

We offer local, regional and national media expertise; high-level government contacts; in-depth understanding of national economic conditions; working knowledge of who’s who within the business community; understanding of markets and local consumer behavior; the ability to identify business opportunities for our clients; and experience in guiding the entrance and start-up operation of multinational companies in Colombia and USA. We also have a track record of managing the public relations and media relations for a large roster of multinational and local companies.

We strongly believe in the integration of the areas managed by our BPO , allows us to have real control from our call center service  for the projection and dissemination of accurate and beneficial information to  your customers.