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Now that you are here, this read could be a good start. Most likely you are here because you are intereted to know more about Custom Public Relations and how can this be of help for your company, brand, product, service, etc. All you have to do is get started since Custom Public Relations is quite an important brick in building a successful business.

custom public relations

There are some PR basics that you need to know and get a better understanding of. Keep reading forward to become familiar with them:

Press Release

If you think that the press release is the only thing that you need to be familiar with when it comes to PR, you are wrong. This is justone of the many pieces that make up the whole PR stash. A press release is a great tool to assist you in your PR efforts and can help you spread your company’s message.

If you need to make an announcement, then you need to have a topic. There are lots of ideas that you can make use of for writing a press release, here are just some samples:

– New Website Announcements

– Announcements of New Products or Services

– Announcements of Newly Hired Staff

– Announcements of New Partnerships

Another great idea would be to use announcements for survey results. When making this kind of announcements, you have to set huge numbersof people to be involved. A Survey of 20-30 individuals will not get you anywhere, but a survey of about 400-450 people will going to fly.

Making a headline and a subheading for your press release,try to expose the issue you’re talking about, its benefits and the audience.

When you make an announcement, you have to make sure it is newsworthy. It is best to include a quote in your press release. Try obtaining quotes from the head of the company, partners and customers. By doing this, itincreases credibility. Having quotes from partners, just simply show that the two companies are close together and have a very strong relationship. By having quotes from customers it shows that they are delighted with your product or service.

The Media Kit

This is a pack of information regarding your business that is going to be used by the press. Themain purpose of it is to offer media the needed information that can reportedabout your business. In creating media kits, a great tool such as Microsoft Publisher is available for small businesses.

Whatever your purpose is, whether it is a response to an inquiry or boarding on a marketing campaign to catch media’s attention, you have to keep in mind that you need to design your media kit to allow people know and remember you and your business.

You do not have to shell off huge amounts of data, what would really matter would be to have a media kit that would be trustworthy, significant and striking. Here are the key components of a detailed media kit:

Business cards:Business cards should be created professionally containing the necessary information such as company name, address and contact information.

Brochure:Your brochure should include your company’s mission, goals, products, service sand the necessary information regarding the company such as address. Creating it as a “Frequently Asked Questions” material can results in being very appealing.

Credentials and biographies:Offering your key leaders photos, short bios as well as hometown, birthplace,education, awards, and business experience is much more interesting than a full resume. Giving vital facts that you wish the media members to know can be helpful.

Current news: By offering current news and exciting events (speaking engagements, press clippings, case studies, video samples, etc.) regarding your company shows that your business is alive.

Social Media

Social media is the new media that businesses make use of to reach their audience. Aside from going through the TV and newspapers to reach target markets, companies build relationships with the public through online forums, blogs, wikis and social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Social media is a cost effective way for reaching your market, but if needs time and effort to see good results.

The Public Relations Plan

If you have a specific objective or goal for your business, a plan should bemade.To better define your tactics or strategies to reach your goal, you need tocreate a good plan. Having a plan, it means it’ll need maintenance, improvement and completion if the objective has been reached.

Your public relations plan is the outline of your next moves for your business, the strategies on how to reach those moves and what the results were so that you can come up with a bigger and better plan to follow. When creating a plan, you have to consider, measure and examine your ROI. The main reason for which companies conduct PR activities is their ROI. Another thing, you need to show your investors, shareholders and board that you have a backup plan for the betterment of the company. ROI plays a vital part in making better plans.

Measuring ROI can be a bit intimidating, but there are some ways that can help you measure ROI easily:

An important method to measure ROI is to measure soft metrics through engaging in social networking sites and participating on forums or blogs.

Asking your customers what they think is another way to do it. Knowing what your customers feel can help you pinpoint the exact area that needs improvement.

Before jumping in to the world of PR, you need to do your research first. Knowing allof the basics mentioned above can be helpful. Defining your company’s needs and your customers’ needs is the first thing to do before starting any campaigns in order to succeed. Another thing, to effectively carry out any tactics or strategies, be sure that you define them first.