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Marketing is one of the most important essentials towards a business’ success.

Even when there is already advanced technology, marketing materials, in whatever form, will never go obsolete. Every business acknowledges that these marketing materials are must-haves. Yet, it is rather challenging to convince your potential customers through this alone. In targeting your niche though, it is important to note the significance of sales collateral as one of the fundamentals of your company.


1. It is a collateral

Just as what its name suggests, marketing materials serve as collateral when your customer doubts your legitimacy. There are a lot of businesses which can attest to a successful booking and appointments just because the clients have seen a high-quality marketing material. We all know that fraudulent businesses will not even invest to a decent brochure or flyer. Even if your potential client says that they need to reconsider buying from you, sales collaterals serve as something which they can hold on to once they review your product/service.

2. It boosts brand recognition

Presence is known to be important for businesses. How often have we used a product just because their ad is convincing or a certain personality is endorsing it? Even if it is thrown away, a three-fold paper bearing the detailed information about your business can still be imprinted in their minds.

3. It can be a competitive tool

Having these sales collateral can give you an edge among your competitors. It is even considered by analysts to be a marketing strategy. In Jakarta, Indonesia where businesses of the same industry are clustered together, “each strategy and tactic should be ventured”, says Kropka Nik, one of the bakery owners in a small street in Kota. He added, “You can see different marketing collateral being utilized from unique door hangers, postcards, Newsletters and even sales materials online”.

4. It tells the story

You may have a target market but you are not capable to talk to them one by one. Marketing materials do it for you. While you are encouraging people to do business with you, your sales collateral is doing the same to other people you can’t reach.leo.

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