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Global Media Business Group Opens New South Florida Office.


Source: Global Media Press Business Group
Dated: Jul. 28, 2015

GMBG is a Global Business Consulting Firm and Digital Media Company has opened new offices in South Florida, New York, and Colombia, South America. GMBGI partners with Executives and Business Leaders to make well informed and educated decisions, enabling their companies to acquire maximum market share while at the same time realizing the highest possible ROI without sacrificing the quality of the products and services they offer.

GMBGI advises companies in multiple industries including and Specializing in Business Consulting, Digital Media, Web Development, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Travel, Legal, Medical, Digital Media, Retail, Real Estate, Advertising, Public Relations, Web Development, SEO, Market Research, Import/Export, Emerging Markets, Hispanic Markets, Financial Services, Private Funding, Crowd Funding Platforms, BPO, Outsourcing and Multilingual Call Center Services. GMBGI’s Executive Team consists of Brick and Mortar Legends, Tech Savvy and Dot Com Revolutionaries, and PhD’s that train and support our Fortune 500 Executives.

The Global Media team assists companies in meeting their toughest challenges whether it be sales, customer services, marketing, branding, franchising, opening new markets, HR, financial, and almost all areas of Business Operations and we do this with our special brand of out of the box thinkers, and staff that believes in production over corporate bureaucracy.

GMBGI is so successful because they base their work on Fundamental Economic Principles, Market Research, Consumer Psychology, Financial and Competitive Analysis, and the most innovative and creative Industry Specific Analytics available. GMBGI is also one of the few Business Consulting and Digital Media Firms that guarantee their work in writing without lengthy contracts or large long term financial commitments. GMBGI actually believes their clients and their consumers should get what they pay for!

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.

Aristotle Onassis

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