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Andrew Rothberg – CEO

Andrew Rothberg

Andrew Rothberg is an extremely versatile Executive Team and Consultant member with over 25 years of experience in all areas of Business Operations. As an Entrepreneur and Business Consultant Andrew has had the opportunity to apply his experience and expertise in multiple Industries and Business Verticals.

Andrew is proficient at exceeding goals in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations, and Digital Media. Mr. Rothberg’s Start up Experience and Expertise in Emerging Markets and Technologies has been a key factor in the success of many companies.

Andrew Rothberg has founded companies and consulted for organizations in multiple industries both in the United States and Latin America. Andrew’s career includes hands on inexperience in all Business Verticals including B to B, B to C, Channel sales, Partner sales, and Direct Sales.

Throughout the years Mr. Rothberg has been called upon for his vast expertise and experience by multiple fortune 500 companies as well as midsize firms and Start Ups.

As an Entrepreneur he founded companies in several Industries including Digital Media, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Publishing, Business Services, Travel services, Consumer Goods, and International Consulting.

As a Consultant with several certifications including CFA, CBA, Series 3, 7, 6, Google and Microsoft Certified as being a leader and go to Expert in Legal, Financial, Medical, Travel, Digital Media, Retail, and all aspects of Emerging Technologies and Latin American Markets. Several Corporations including American Business Systems, ATT, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, Verizon, Simplexity, HP, TUI Travel, IAC, Marriott, Target, Lawyer Linked, NY Medical Society, Medical Practice Specialists.

ASPCA has called upon Andrew Rothberg for his “Out of the Box Thinking” abilities, to Develop processes and procedures, write training, sales manuals, and other collateral materials, and in some cases advise and implement an entire restructuring of their entire operations.
Andrew has also donated his time and experience to assist with several Non-Profits including the ASPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Kids in Distress, MDA, JSA, Jews for Israel, and several other organizations.

Leo Giglio, Ph.D. – President of Business Consulting

Specializing in Organizational Management and Development, Leo Giglio, Ph.D., has 28 years of experience formulating unique approaches toward integrating practical and realistic organizational development strategies for companies of all sizes and industries.
Dr. Giglio has developed Organizational Behavior and Strategic Applications for Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized firms, not-for-profits and government agencies. He takes a specialized educational approach for each client based on the specific needs of the organization.

With expertise in organizational assessment, organizational development and strategic planning, Leo designs and implements management training programs, facilitates executive retreats, leads workshops and round tables, and conducts strategic planning sessions.His expertise extends to the area of organizational design and operational analysis. He coaches and mentors executives on a regular basis, helping them anchor concepts to better plan and lead their organizations.

Over the past five years, he has developed simulation models geared toward organizational and operational improvement. Performance enhancing workshops are designed around computer simulations increasing the impact and positive effects on performance and behavior. These experiences allow practical intervention among directors, managers and professionals of the organization.

Dr. Giglio’s customized management educational programs are also unique in content and delivery while providing specific practical, organization, and industry knowledge.Leo is active in professional societies, author of eleven publications appearing in professional journals and magazines, and he has been an editor of several academic and professional newsletters and books.

His credentials are augmented by 28 years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level.